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"I Haven't Talked To My Friends In A While" OUT NOW
The new single is finally here and available for both your ears and your eyes.
  • CLICK HERE for links to streaming sites.

  • CLICK HERE to watch a music video full of recording footage.

Thank you to everybody who's been listening and for all the wonderful feedback I've been getting. Love you all.
7" white vinyl kickstarter
UPDATE: Thank you to everybody who helped make the kickstarter a success. It has now ended, with rewards to be sent out when available.
I've launched a kickstarter to raise some funds to press my new song on white 7" vinyl. If you want to help out and get your own copy, check it out here:
'cabin in the woods' video IS OUT!

Click the 'videos' tab above to watch the brand new video for Cabin In The Woods. Thanks to Jason Marshall for all his hard work in making this, I'm so happy with how it turned out.

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